Manofim – Festival of Contemporary Art

photo by Dor Kedmi

Even though money and infrastructure for art and culture is not flooding, an independent initiative of Jerusalem-based artists (Lee he Shulov and Rinat Edelstein) opens since 9 years the exhibition season with the Manofim Festival.

The festival manages to create a platform of dialogue and collaboration between artists and Jerusalem’s galleries, alternative art spaces and independent cultural centres. In it’s unique way, Manofim gives the public an impressive insight into the rich and mixed art world of Jerusalem.

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Muslala and “The Mirpeset”

It is not surprising that the Muslala group, a non-profit organisation connecting art with social emerged 2009 in Musrara, a neighbourhood which has been full of controversies throughout history:


An aristocratic Arabic neighborhood until the fightings in 1948, in the 1950’s populated with immigrants from North Africa and Iraq, considered as a dangerous quarter for its proximity to the border and becoming a kind of slum. Then in the 1970’s the birth place of the Israeli Black Panthers mouvement, protesting against unequality between Ashkenzai and Mizrahi Jews. With artists and art places moving there (like schools and galleries) the situation has changed and Musrara is now a cool place to live in.

Still, the first time I meet Muslala, it is on the rooftop of a shopping mall (Clal Building) close to the Machane Yehuda Market. Continue reading

“HaMiffal” – Bait Rek

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn an ancient, abandoned house in a side street of Jerusalem, unseen from the main road you bump into HaMiffal (The Factory/ The Endeavor), a project of the artist collective Bait Rek“ (Empty House). When entering this old building you can’t really define what place this is. In some way it looks private while at the same time it seems to be a communal working place…


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