Art and Social – Al Hoash

We find today a hub of art and culture places that rethink their way of dissimulating art and the interaction with the public. Spaces that interrogate their integration in society. Museums and Art Centres face the problem of being seen as a white cube, a world apart for selected people, so new ideas come up.


On the rooftops in the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo by Majd Zughayer. Courtesy of Al Hoash.

Alia Rayyan, the director of Al Hoash Gallery of the last 2 years, decided to focus their concept on art and social, corresponding in her eyes more to the local need. The event “RE/viewing Jerusalem is created. Once a year international and local artists work together on a project. The projects aims to make people rediscover forgotten places in Jerusalem and to bring back life to them, thanks to participative interaction between the artists and the public.

Being a divided city, Jerusalem is not an easy city to live in. The political situation makes economical and cultural exchanges between the Palestinian Territories and the capital difficult. More and more Palestinian structures move to Ramallah and Jerusalem finds itself isolated. For the people not also to isolate themselves, it was important to Alia Rayyan to bring the art close to the people by bringing it to the streets. Showing that other ideas for another tomorrow are possible, even in a situation that seems never ending and going nowhere. With creativity your surrounding can be changed.


Al Hoash Art Gallery. Courtesy of Al Hoash.

As it is difficult to get a permit by the Israeli municipality for gatherings, because of the possibility of being qualified very fast as political activity, RE/viewing Jerusalem” went to search for non governmental spaces to invest. Asking private owners if they can open up their spaces to the public temporary or creating new, moving spaces like the self build “Go-Bazar“. Or an outdoor car park. By paying the parking spaces the action got legal and the car park changed for a day into an art installation.

Deborah Aguirre Jones, Here, There and Jerusalem. RE/viewing Jerusalem 2016. Courtesy Al Hoash.

Reviewing Jerusalem goal is to let people experience the concept of urban intervention and participatory place-making art [1]. Short term actions are hoped to carry on, like spontanious urban gardening.

RE/viewing Jerusalem 2016. Photo by Ahed Izhiman. Courtesy of Al Hoash.

Wishing the project to develop and be a support for new ideas and to give a platform for Palestinians to express their identity.

In conclusion we can wonder, how art adapts or evolves in social environments. Changing with the needs of society, seeming to be today a need of gathering. There is a wish to meet outside of a hectic, disordered surrounding, to get out of the political and economical situation we live in.


Al Hoash also offers exhibitions, workshops and conferences about new projects, local and international.

For further information, have a look:
Al Hoash on Facebook
Al Hoash Art Gallery, REviewing
 [1] Future Imperfect, an article by Alia Rayyan on Ibraaz

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