Art and Social – Al Hoash

We find today a hub of art and culture places that rethink their way of dissimulating art and the interaction with the public. Spaces that interrogate their integration in society. Museums and Art Centres face the problem of being seen as a white cube, a world apart for selected people, so new ideas come up.


On the rooftops in the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo by Majd Zughayer. Courtesy of Al Hoash.

Alia Rayyan, the director of Al Hoash Gallery of the last 2 years, decided to focus their concept on art and social, corresponding in her eyes more to the local need. The event “RE/viewing Jerusalem is created. Once a year international and local artists work together on a project. The projects aims to make people rediscover forgotten places in Jerusalem and to bring back life to them, thanks to participative interaction between the artists and the public.

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Encounters – The Al Ma’mal Art Foundation

When we think about Palestinian art we mostly have in mind pictures of the wall, border controls or destroyed houses in Gaza… We ignore the variety works and subjects artists here treat of. Sure there are politics in Palestinian art, but it goes far beyond the typical pictures we have in mind.

The Al Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art is a culture centre working against a narrow minded perception of Palestinian art. Regular exhibitions, but also concerts, performances and artists residences create a rich exchange to discover and understand more subjects and ideas that artists deal with. It is a platform to promote instigate, disseminate and create art.

Open Mic Night at Al Ma’mal, 2016. Photo by Aline Khoury. Courtesy of Al Ma’mal Foundation.

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